Checking Legibility!

There are tons more scams out there; it is up to you to judge the legibility of the transaction. Remember the saying if it sounds too good to be, it probably is. Google the person or company you are dealing with. Use your best judgment; there is a big difference between a good deal and a scam. When talking to a scammer, don't be taken by their professionalism. These people have been doing this for years and are pros at it. If you are using eBay, check their recent feedback and see if their feedback is coming from credited eBayers. Here are some common deal breakers, if you are asked to send Western Union, refuse, and ask for a different method of payment. Always ask for a tracking number, so you are up to date on your item. If it is a big deal, ask to meet in person and get some kind of contract going. If a person is hesitant to meet in business, chances are he is hiding something.