Craigslist Scams!

Craigslist scammers are the more riskier of scammers. They are the buyers in the transaction. They will purchase an item from you and come pick it up, but will say they are sending someone to pick it up. They will pay you with a money order or a personal check. These are usually counterfeits and will bounce in a week. You will be asked to pay the money back and chances are authorities will be involved. Craigslist scammers are greedy they aren't satisfied with just the item. Most scammers will pay extra, and will ask for you to give them the change. This change can be over a thousand dollars. You should avoid doing business with anyone on Craigslist unless they are willing to pay cash for the item. Remember Cold Hard Cash Speaks.


If you've been a victim to this, report it to the police. You have been a victim of fraud. If you are in a middle of making a deal, cancel it right away. When doing business with people on Craigslist make sure you always deal with them in person and not with the person that will pick it up the package and make sure you get paid cash for the item.