Ponzi Schemes - HYIP - Investments!

Investment scams take the cake when it comes to money. These investment sites promise high yielding income in a short matter of time at rates which even banks canít pay. Some of these investment sites promise doubling your money in a week. Here is the best part; you send them money through Payment Processors such as E-gold or Liberty Reserve, which doesnít let you start disputes against the company. These investments sites are called HYIPs. HYIP stands for High Yielding Investment Program. These programs have terms of service that state, there are CHANCES that you may lose your money and there is no guarantee of getting anything. There is no regulation in this industry so anyone can start their own program.

Once these programs have enough investors, they simply run off with the money or claim they lost the money in an "investment". These scammers no matter how promising they seem, always run with the money. These scams are started by the same people because they see the same crowd coming back and handing them free money. Most of these programs are Ponzi schemes and will pay only to get trust, so they can catch the big fish.


Never Ever join these types of programs, they are scams and there is nothing else to it. If you really want to invest, learn about stocks, find a company, learn about them, look at the companies they deal with see how they're doing and invest with them. This way you know unless there is another depression, you're not going to lose everything overnight.