Phishing Pages!

What are Phishing Pages? Phishing pages are identical sites that look like popular sites such as PayPal, RapidShare, Bank of America, and tons of different sites. These sites record your login information and will abuse your account. Usually you will get an Email from "PayPal" or another site saying you need to verify your credit card or account. Once you click the link it will take you to a phishing page that will record all the information you submit. Remember PayPal and most other sites won't ask you to confirm your information. A good way to check if you are actually visiting the real page and not a Phishing Page is to check the URL Bar. This can confirm any suspicion you may have.


If you think you may have entered you information in a phishing page, just go to your account and change the password. If your password has been changed, don't be worried. Most sites offer a method of getting your password back through your email. If you have entered your credit card information, immediately call your credit card company and tell them. You could be a victim of identity fraud if you do not.