Online Survey Scams!

Online Survey Scams are run by clever scammers who will give you an opportunity to earn money at home by filling out surveys, here is the best part. You pay these companies so they can provide you surveys to do monthly. You never end up coming out even, because there is never enough surveys for you to fill out. Usually these surveys pay very little. Not all Online Survey Companies are scams, there are legit ones. Here are some basic guidelines when it comes to surveys, if you have to pay to get surveys, there is something wrong. The Irony is there, paying to Get Paid to do Surveys? A good way to know if the company you want to join is a scam is using Google. Google "Company Name Scam". Check out all the links provided by Google and hear what people have to say about these survey sites and make your choice from there.


If you really want to make money filling out surveys there are legit ones, but be warned even the legit ones pay very little and if you lucky you can make a hundred dollars a month. Do not believe those sites that say you can make a living filling out surveys online, this is total nonsense and is a waste of your time.