Tracking Down Scammers!

If you have been scammed and you are determined to find your scammer, there are ways to search for them and track them down.

To start off you should know some basic information, such as Full Name, Email, etc. If you have talked to him on MSN, AIM, or any other messenger keep that information on a text file. Any information is crucial.

1) Google their name in this format: "Robert Johnson scam", try that if anything comes up save that information, if not don't worry there is more.

2) Go to and type in his name, hopefully you can get a phone number. If you can get anything, all hope is not lost yet.

3) Google anything else you can: Screen Names, Alias, etc.

4) If you can find the scammer on a forum or community board, kindly contact the Admin and ask if you may have his IP Address, because he has scammed you and you want to get in contact with his ISP. If you can get his IP, thatís great. Go to and type his IP into the search bar. This should give you information on his ISP. Google the ISP and find the contact number. Contact them and tell them what has happened. Most ISPs can not give you their clients' information, but they can discontinue their internet.

5) Contact the Scammer and ask them for a refund or you will continue to take more severe actions toward them. Show them the information you have compiled on them, and warn them if they do not refund you, you will take them to an attorney. The scammer will be freaked out that you have compiled this information against him and hopefully will give you some sort of refund.

6) If all else fails, learn from your mistakes and make sure it doesn't happen to you again.