Wholesale Scams!

When it comes to wholesale, especially when it comes to electronics, anything that offers you a big margin of profit may be too good to be a true. There is a big difference between a good deal and something being way too good to be true. If you are dealing with electronics or cloths make sure you are buying authentic and not replicas, ask for samples and take them to a nearby retailer and get it checked out. Don't take no for an answer, if someone is trying to sell in mass to you, without a sample, they want to sell as much as they can before you figure out their product is junk. Scammers are very greedy and don't like to wait when it comes to stealing your money. So if you sense impatience, just back out of the deal, there are tons of wholesalers out there.


If you really want to make money wholesaling, you have to find a product that no one is selling. Most people want to break into electronics. This is a big no-no. All the big companies have electronics taken, find another item. Take a risk, if no one is selling a product, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad product. It means that no one has given that product a chance.